Hector V. Barreto, Managing Director of Pension y Beneficios

“Our goal is to offer you the highest quality products, at a lower cost, while surrounding your business with all the tools and resources you need to succeed”

Hector V. Barreto who served as President George W. Bush’s Administrator for the United States Small Business Administration, where he was unanimously approved by the United States Senate – is pleased to announce the creation of Pension Y Beneficios.  According to Hector, “Pension Y Beneficios was created for the sole purpose of bridging the gap that exists in providing high quality services dedicated and focused on the specific and unique needs of the Latino marketplace.”

In addition to heading the Latino Coalition, a million members strong, Hector has been active in the Insurance and Financial Services Business for over 25 years. With PenBen, a Southern California based and highly successful benefits consulting company doing business nationally in its third decade – they have jointly created Pension Y Beneficios.

According to Hector “The creation of Pension Y Beneficios allows us to focus on this ever growing marketplace that does in fact have unique requirements, that based upon many of the business leaders I have spoken to have not been adequately addressed.” Additionally, “this market now represents over 50 million people with almost a trillion dollars in purchasing power. Pension Y Beneficios is committed to being the premium provider of quality insurance and financial products to this market – I could not be more pleased then to be leading this company in serving this market”

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